Mos duel with Jets in preseason challenge games

It was two defeats for the Invicta Dynamos in challenge games with the Slough Jets over the weekend leaving Player-Coach Anthony Leone with some polishing to do in training but also some signs of promise heading into the opening weekend of the season. It was the first competitive outings for a much changed Dynamos side who were also without import Juraj Huska over both fixtures and skaters Dale Buckland and Kieron Jones on Sunday.

Sat 7th Sept: Slough Jets 9-1 Invicta Dynamos

It wasn’t the start the Dynamos were looking for in their season opener as they suffered a heavy defeat on the road against the Slough Jets in a challenge game on Saturday.

The Mos took to the ice without forwards Juraj Huska and Brandon Webster but promoted U18’s youngster Gregor McAllan. With the choice of 3 netminders to choose from, new Invicta coach Anthony Leone gave Zach Grandy-Smith the starting position with Owen Rider not kitted-up.

Although the Dynamos were marginally the better side in the opening few minutes they fell behind on 03.26 when the busy Sam Talbot managed to take the puck from a Mos’ defenceman and coolly dispatch beyond Grandy-Smith for 1-0 – this was despite the Mos being on a powerplay. The visitors then brought a save from home netminder Matthew Smital in the fifth minute when Joe Stephenson cleared to Jake Stedman but the forward was unable to get enough conviction into his shot.

Henry Aiken took a two minute roughing penalty on 06.14 with the Mos then having to thank Grandy-Smith when he smartly denied Liam Underdown a second Slough goal. The away side’s best chance of the opening period fell to Kieron Jones but Smital was again equal to the effort. Aiken’s second roughing penalty of the game was then enough for Slough to go 2-0 up on 16.20 through Dan Rose after being played into position by Sean Norris.

The Dynamos thought they’d got on t|he scoresheet immediately after but the goal was quickly washed-out. They then took to closing out the period ready to regroup – however former Dynamos forward Lewis English managed to make it 3-0 on 19.57 to present Leone with a challenging team talk at the end of opening period.

In the second frame the Mos didn’t fair much better. A Dale Buckland crosscheck in the 28th minute led to Slough scoring on the resulting powerplay for 4-0 on 29.22 with Harry Harcup stroking the puck beyond Grandy-Smith after Liam Underwood teed him up.

A couple of minutes later and Juha Lindgren made it 5-0 on 31.31. Owen Dell then had a couple of efforts saved as the period moved-on and the Mos could count themselves very unlucky on 37:20 when Elliot Farrell hit the post – with the puck landing into the back of Smitals leg pad. That Farrell effort pretty much summed-up the luck the away side were having and the Slough Jets went on to make it 6-0 on 38.13 when English and Holdreth combined to set-up Jacob Soper for 6-0 on 38.13.

For the final period John Dibble replaced Grandy-Smith in the Invicta’ net and ‘Dibbs’ faced 17 shots but was beaten in the 45th minute when Ryan Handisides scored unassisted for 7-0.

Any hopes for a Slough shutout were ended on 46.53 with Elliot Farrell striking home his first goal for the Dynamos, assisted by Ryan Giles and Conor Redmond. That was as good as it got for the Mos though with Slough striking twice more through Dan Rose and Juha Lindgren for a final score of 9-1.

The Dynamos also missed Dale Buckland for the last 9 minutes of the game after he received a 10 minute misconduct penalty.

Written by Lee Allen.

Sun 8th Sept: Invicta Dynamos 4-6 Slough Jets

Invicta Dynamos fall short but it was a much-improved performance against Slough Jets in their second pre-season match against the Berkshire outfit on Sunday. The Dynamos had lost 6-4 to Lukas Smital’s side after a heavy 9-1 defeat the night before.

Goals from Brandon Webster, Filip Sedivy and Ryan Giles helped the Dynamos secure a lead after being 3-1 behind but the visitors managed to score three more unanswered goals to take the tie.

Dynamos went into the game without Dale Buckland, Juraj Huska and Kieron Jones. The Jets missed Adam Rosbottom and Rob Horsfall.

The first period of the game saw the Dynamos and Jets clash as both teams tried to score the first of the night – the Mos using their physicality to try to gain control over the Jets. Slough’s Stewart Tait received a two minute holding penalty which gave the hosts a powerplay opportunity however, a high stick penalty from Tom Davis meant both teams battled four on four. Anthony Leone and Filip Sedivy paired up to try and secure the Dynamos first goal, but the shot was sent over the top of the net.

With both teams back to full strength, Conor Redmond hit Jet’s defenceman Liam Clark mid-ice sending the visitor to the floor. The Jets secured the first goal of the night at 07.39 as Dan Rose skated round the back of the net and back handed the puck beyond John Dibble from close range.

Ryan Giles held the Dynamos defence together by using his size to defend the net and knock Jets players off of the puck. Goal two for Slough followed at 09.02 though as Samuel Talbot was left alone in front of Dibble and he knocked it over the netminder’s pads. Jake Stedman received a two minute interference penalty, quickly followed by Sedivy earning a two minute tripping penalty, resulting in a 5 on 3 opportunity for Slough. Slough’s Talbot then received a two minute slashing penalty, which brought the battle down to 4 on 3. The whistle continued to sound and Leone was quickly sent to box for a two minute holding – game still 4 on 3 for Slough.

Dibble managed to perform a miracle save as he threw himself backwards to cover the puck before it went into the net. His defiance wouldn’t last too much longer though – a powerplay goal for Slough coming at 11:55 from Liam Underdown to provide a 3-0 lead.

Both teams were finally back to full strength after the bundle of penalties. Sedivy, Leone and Owen Dell teamed up to try and score past Brett Shepherd – Dell tried to ram the puck home, but Shepherd managed to cover it. Rose received a two minute slashing penalty, which gave the Dynamos another powerplay opportunity and Stedman attempted to get a slapshot past Shepherd, but it was padded into the corner.

Brandon Webster made his first attempt of the night with a shot, but it was an easy save for Shepherd. Giles and Dell then both had efforts on Shepherd but the young netminder held his ground. Later Luke Reynolds checked Webster into the boards which saw the youngster fall to the ice but Webster got to his feet, received a pass from Henry Aiken, and fired it between the legs of Shepherd for goal one for the Dynamos scored at 18:16. First period concluded with the Dynamos down 3-1.

The second period began and the Dynamos came back stronger than ever with a quick second goal from Webster scored at 23:49 from the right circle. This was followed by a third goal from Sedivy at who bundled in from close range at 24:30. The game was now tied 3-3.

Soon after, Sedivy swept Lewis English off of his feet and the former Dynamos forward shoved Sedivy with the two came skaters coming together and the officials quickly intervening. Sedivy received a two minute cross checking penalty and English received a two minute roughing minor.

Dynamos then secured the lead with a 4-on-4 goal from Giles. The defenceman slapped the shot home between the legs of Shepherd from a considerable distance at 27:20 – Shepherd would perhaps want that one back.

Slough’s Clark received a two minute tripping penalty, which saw the Dynamos with yet another powerplay however Talbot forced a turnover and skated towards Dibble alone before sending the puck into the back of the net for the equaliser at 29:54.

When Aiken then received a two minute interference penalty Slough made good use of the powerplay and managed to score their fifth of the night – Timo Lindgren netting at 35:04. There was then trouble in front of the Dynamos net as Dibble made a save but Harrison Lillis charged in and pushed Talbot over the netminder. English and Lillis came together but once again the officials quickly intervened and Lillis was sent to the penalty box for a two minute cross checking penalty. End of the second period and the Jets led 5-4.

Period three saw the Dynamos start with one man down as the remainder of Lillis’ penalty counted down. Underdown was then sent to the box for a two minute tripping penalty quickly followed by Leone for a two minute hooking penalty.

Dynamos were still down to three players as Redmond was sent to the penalty box for tripping, followed by Joe Stephenson with a two minute tripping penalty. 5-on-3 play led to the sixth and final goal of the night from the Slough Jets – Lillis appeared to be cross checked from behind by a Jets player who kept being pushing him down but no penalty was called allowing Sean Norris’ shot to beat Dibble at 55:51. Later on Aiken threw himself across the ice and in front of a shot from Norris to keep that deficit to two.

End of the third period and the Invicta Dynamos were defeated 6-4. The Dynamos with a better performance than the previous night at Slough. The lack of defensive play in the third led to the Slough Jets being able to have a number of 1-on-0 opportunities with Dibble.

Written by Hannah Lawrence.

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