Messages from Spours and Rost

Now that the season is over, General Manager Barry Spours and Warren Rost give their final messages of the season. Both were printed in the final matchday programme prior to Sunday’s game against Wightlink, a game which Streatham won 4-3.


A word from GM Barry Spours

webssI would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has made this season happen. Without the help of our sponsors we would not have been able to compete this season in an increasingly competitive league.

Special thanks should go to Andrew Boyle and Tesco for their help with our ice-time costs in the latter part of the season and a huge thank you to Jim Graham for his continued help and support.

We are also used to seeing Conway on our shirts but I should point out that their consistent sponsorship and help purchasing the home jerseys for the team has been our backbone throughout changing times.

This year we were fortunate to have been able to purchase a fantastic set of away shirts thanks to Rockies Sports Bar and Jim Graves – as a ex goalie myself who remembers him from his playing days it is so nice to see a player from the past helping the team to continue to survive and grow.

I would also like to thank Lambeth College for their contribution this season which has enabled us to allow some of the junior players from our U18’s team to train with the Redskins and gain experience of being part of a senior team playing in the NIHL.

There are many smaller sponsors whose contributions are also greatly appreciated by myself and the team and in particular I would like to thank Warm2U; Allan Philips Snooker; James Goodman; Just Wood Floors and last but not least Warren D Romaney and Ian Dunstan whose individual contributions were greatly appreciated.

Obviously there are many more thank you’s needed from me to the staff, volunteers, players and of course the supporters but I will save these for the end of season party. Let’s hope that is not for a good few weeks yet.

Finally I would like to say, good luck tonight guys lets hope for a long overdue win against the Isle of Wight.

Barry Spours


A word from the coach Warren Rost..

week11Well I think it’s fair to say that the second half of this season has gone pretty well for us as a team.

It would have been nice to move above Bracknell in the league standings but it wouldn’t have really meant anything bar bragging rights.

We just went off the boil and weren’t sharp enough for the last weekend against Romford and MK.  It’s probably all for the best because after managing to put together some decent results complacency may have set it pre-playoffs and that’s never good.

It’s a good time to be involved with the Club.  Barry has worked hard over the last few seasons, on and off the ice, to get us to this position.  We have a solid economic foundation, which is at least as important as anything we do on the ice.

We have three solid lines and players in the squad to replace them when needed.  We have a number of players who are coming up through the U18 team who have a shot of playing for the Redskins in the next couple of seasons. Oh and a new rink.  The future really is bright.

Lastly I want to thank all the supporters.  As always you’ve been there through the bad times and now finally you’ve been there through a few good times with us as well.

Having to match your pride and passion in the stands is always a challenge for the players on the ice and bench mark for the opposing supporters anywhere we go.

Thanks for everything.


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