Meet some of the ‘Match Night Crew’

In the first of a series of interviews to introduce the “Full 9 Yards” Blackburn Hawk’s match night crew, Press Officer Jim Piper caught up with announcer Andy Wood and music maestro Danny Heaton Holden.

Andy is Stockport born and bred and got himself hooked on hockey in 1998 when he was one of the many going along to the MEN on a free ticket to see what “this hockey thing” was all about.

“I could not believe what I was watching. Not just the hockey but the whole match night experience. I was hooked, line and sinker.  I follow golf, Stockport County and Salford Reds as well but the whole audience participation thing did it for me”, said Andy.

Andy spent two years writing Player features for Manchester Phoenix and another year doing player interviews then the rest of the Phoenix journey as match night announcer.

“Been out of hockey since the sad demise of Phoenix and it will be great to be back doing something I love”, commented Andy.

Andy will be hosting Thursday nights “Shirt Launch” and “Season Ticket Collection” Night which starts at 7.30pm all fans are welcome to attend and once the event finishes why not watch your new look Hawks roster being put through their paces on ice from 9.30pm by Coach Duncombe.

Danny Heaton Holden has been a Hawks fan since 2012 and has been doing the music on match night for the Hawks2 side. This year he steps up to the senior side and will be working closely with our new announcer Andy Wood.

“Really looking forward to the new season and a new challenge with the Hawks. Can’t wait for the season to start” said Danny.

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