Max Drakeley Returns Home

The 23 year old is joining the Blackburn Hawks after having captained Manchester Minotaurs last season.

Max spent 4 seasons as part of the Hawks Juniors from 2004 – 2008 in northern conference, captaining U18s. He also played up for Hawks when he was only 14 – before the 16+ rule came in effect.
Hawks then didn’t field an U18 team, so max moved to play in Manchester for Phoenix, Trafford Metros and captaining Minotaurs last season, scoring 3 goals and 10 assists.

“I had words about moving over last season but as Minotaurs were so depleted in the D I couldnt leave them at that point. Its been an open secret that I wanted to move to Blackburn and play for the Hawks – Blackburn is my favourite rink in the whole country, its huge and suits my style of playing. It’s always been a special place for me and it feels like I’m coming home. I’ve played with a lot of the lads before, and I was a D partner of Chris Arnone at Hawks Juniors. I joined Manchester when Tom, Jordan and Ric Hughes were playing and I remember playing Blackburn at the playoffs. I love the atmosphere here – playing Blackburn when it’s full can be better than EPL. I’ve also been taunted by Harry as an away player when serving penalties!”

Coach Daniel MacKriel had this to say:
“I’m delighted that Max has agreed to sign for the forthcoming season. He is a D man who I have been impressed with when playing against him and one I thought would be a good addition to our strong D core. He sees the Ice well, is mobile, good on the puck and is tough to beat 1-1.

He knows a lot of the players, will be a good fit in the dressing room and brings leadership qualities which will be invaluable in what looks like an ever strengthening league this year.”

We hope you all give Max a warm welcome when the season begins!

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