Marcus to retain assurance for Tigers

Tom Watkins has applauded the consistency displayed by returning Telford Tigers defenceman Marcus Maynard.

The 29-year-old is considered to be a mainstay of the Tigers rearguard, following his arrival from Nottingham Panthers in 2012.

That reassuring presence meant Watkins had few hesitations in offering Maynard fresh terms on a return for next season.

The Tigers head coach said: “Marcus is a reliable performer, who works hard and has got excellent experience in the EPL. It’s amazing to think that Marcus didn’t take up the game until his late teens.

“Our defensive core has much more depth with him in it.

“It is massively important to have players like him in the squad. Like my time in Coventry, you all have to contribute, bring your individual skill set to the team and be part of the machine that it takes to win.

“He’s a big guy, very strong, skates well with good agility and lateral movement. I want him to play meaner and more in your face, but not at the expense of his defensive responsibilities.”

Maynard will return to a Tigers squad that features Polish international netminder Ondrej Raszka, following the summer departure of defenceman Martin Ondrej.

That change could yet offer extra responsibility in the Telford back line – and Watkins is confident in his man’s ability to fill additional roles.

He said: “Marcus was third or fourth in the team’s plus/minus last season. He is not here to put up numbers, but to be reliable and responsible on the ice, playing a simple game. His plus/minus stats show just that.

“He’s another player who goes about his business and does whatever is needed, when asked.

“He’ll be a big part of a strong defensive core and can even play forward from time to time. That is very important for us.

“Marcus ticks all the boxes for me, so it was a very easy decision to have him back for next season.”

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