The Dragons are delighted to announce the signing of 28 year old Finnish forward Markus Kankaanranta to fill the second import slot at Deeside. Kankaanranta comes to the Dragons with a reputation of scoring goals and being a team player. Most recently Markus played in the Germany 3 league for Hamburg Crocodiles in which he scored 12 goals and 18 assists in 32 games. The Finnish forward has also spent time in the Finnish Mestis league as well as the Suomi-Sarja.
Coach Mckenzie is hopeful that Markus will be a top player for the Dragons; ‘I have taken a lot of time over the last 3 weeks to make sure we bring in the right player for our club. Markus comes with a high pedigree and will be an great asset to the hockey club. Losing Adrian was always going to be difficult, in my opinion you cannot replace an Adrian Palak, but with Markus, we have given ourselves a great opportunity to succeed Markus himself is excited to be coming to Wales to play for the Dragons ‘I’m looking forward to having good team spirit and of course a lot of good games. My personal goal is to make points and show example to help the team play better hockey. I have heard good things about the Dragons, like last year was really successful, but the league is pretty new for me
.’ Markus will be wearing the #67 Jersey and both his own and loan jerseys are available for just £50 each.



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