Latchford, Hart and Morris sign with the Fire.


Cardiff Fire can announce the signing of Kieron Latchford, Joey Morris and Chris Hart. All 3 have played ENL/NIHL1 in Cardiff for the past 4 seasons with Hart playing at that level for the past 9 seasons.

D man Hart has played 242 division one games, had a spell in Germany with RT Bad Nauheim and also has 14 Elite League games under his belt. 25-year-old Hart brings a wealth of experience to the Fire line up. Joey Morris is also no stranger to the league having played with the current management team at ENL level since 2011, Joey is a tenacious D man that plays the body well. Latchford, just like Morris has played with the current management since 2011, he’s a quick winger that can also play in the Centre. He is effective on the penalty kill. Last season Latchford finished as his teams 3rd top scorer with 21 points in 35 games.

Mark Cuddihy added “All 3 of these guys approached me a few weeks ago about playing for the Fire following the folding of the NIHL 1 team.  I know all 3 players well having coached them for many years. They are division 1 players, like much of our team.  They are great additions to the Fire.

We have a very large squad now and there are more players yet to come in.  As we don’t have an affiliation with a junior club we need a strong squad of players, we have 50% more games this season with the cup competition. We want to play 4-line hockey and we want to rotate the squad.  These guys will add a lot to our roster and will defiantly improve our team. Playing 4 lines will allow us to spread the work load of special teams, with the healthy scratches we will have every game we will keep the team hungry and fresh”

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