Kelman Excited To Take On Rivals Sheffield

Stena Line Belfast Giants General Manager Todd Kelman spoke of the ‘good rivalry’ between the Giants and the Steelers ahead of this Saturday’s clash at the Odyssey Arena, Belfast. Saturday’s game is the first meeting this season between the two sides and sees the return of Doug Christiansen to the Odyssey Arena for the first time since his departure as Giants head coach in April and Kelman says that the situation ‘adds a bit of drama’ to Saturday’s game, face-off 7pm:

“We’ve always had a really good rivalry with Sheffield as it’s usually between us (Giants), Sheffield and Nottingham who compete for the league title every year. Now we have the added element that Doug Christiansen, our former head coach, is now the coach of Sheffield. He left the Giants and went to one of our biggest rivals and I think that adds a bit of drama to it (Saturday’s game) and I think it’s great for the rivalry.”

“In professional sports, unfortunately, money talks and if someone offers you more money, you have to look after yourself. I’m not bitter towards Doug, we’re still good buddies, we talk all the time – he’s a great guy and a great coach. I wish him well most of the season, except when he plays against the Giants!”

Kelman also gave his thoughts on the video released by the Belfast Giants this week ahead of the big game on Saturday, starring an ‘upset’ Giants mascot, Finn McCool, after his friend Doug Christiansen left the organisation in April:

“I know Doug has a pretty good sense of humour and i’m sure he laughed about it. All we were trying to do is have some banter and sell some tickets and if we can play on the rivalry then we will. We would never do anything offensive to anyone – it’s a video about a mascot being sad that his buddy, the coach, left. It’s nothing offensive, I think it’s great and I hope that when we go to Sheffield they do something similar!”

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