Keefe Returns As Giants Captain

It’s the news every Giants fan was waiting to hear and it comes much earlier than expected but Captain Adam Keefe has signed on for another season to lead the charge for the Belfast Giants in the 2013/14 season.

Keefe has become one of the most popular players in Giants history in only two seasons in Belfast and the loyal fans of the Giants will be very excited to have him back for another year.

Todd Kelman spoke about the signing of Adam Keefe:

“The best way to describe Adam Keefe is that he is old-school.  He plays with intensity every night, he blocks shots, he stands up for his teammates, he plays hurt and most of all he plays with passion and intensity every single shift.

“He was the one guy I was particularly worried about losing to another team in the Elite League because teams know his value to the Giants team and the entire organisation.

“Away from the rink, Adam does more for the community than our fans would even realise and although he wouldn’t necessarily show that side of himself, he has a big heart and has made it a priority to give time to kids that need a role model in their life.

“On the ice I watch him night in and night out go to war for this club.  I have watched him fight for his teammates and play the next night with a broken hand.  I have seen him dive head first to block shots.  He is fearless and the perfect Captain for the Giants.”

Keefe finished last season with 11 goals and 13 assists for 24 points in 61 games.  He also racked up 237 minutes in penalties, third overall in the league.  He was selected by the Giants season ticket holders as their ‘Fan Favourite’ each of the last two seasons and this past season he was chosen by his teammates as the ‘Player’s Player of the Year.’

“Keefer sent me an email when he landed back in Canada and explained why he wanted to come back to Belfast,” said Kelman, “He didn’t ask for more money, he didn’t make any crazy demands. He explained that he knew it would matter to the organisation and to the fans if he signed early. So in my mind, he just gets it.

“I can’t ever explain fully to our fans what a class act Keefe is and what he said about our fans, this city and this team tells me that as long as he wants to be Captain of the Giants, he is the right man for the job.”

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