KD Flavell & Sons Northern Cup


KD Flavell & Sons welding specialists are delighted to once more sponsor this seasons Northern Cup.

With Billingham, Blackburn, Sutton, Solway and Manchester confirmed it looks like being the most exciting competition to date.

With fixtures almost complete it is hoped that once a few minor fixture clashes are put right the full details of this seasons cup fixtures will be officially released.

KD Flavell & Sons will again be putting up a £500 prize pot with additional entrance fees swelling the prize fund. The competition will take on the form of a mini league adding an extra four home and four away games played throughout the season.

This weekend will see Billingham travel to Blackburn on Sunday night (face off 17:45) for the competitions opening game.

Allen Flavell of KD Welding specialists is delighted to sponsor the competition for a second year.

“When the Cup format was conceived each club agreed to put £100 each up as prize money “.

“We really want the cup format to increase in profile; I don’t like it when I hear teams and fans say, it’s only a cup game”

“The Cup game adds to the excitement of the season”.

“In order to show our commitment to the cup competition, KD Flavell & Sons Welding Specialist Company will again be adding additional £500 prize money to the competition this year”.

Full fixtures to be confirmed.


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