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securedownloadPrecision Sports Marketing Limited (PSM) are proud to release September’s results for our “Join the Swarm” campaign to increase match night attendance, sponsors and the financial viability of the Bracknell Bees. At launch, we stated three off ice objectives; to make the Bracknell Bees visible, vibrant and viable. PSM are making progress in line with expectation to meet these objectives.

PSM are announcing today a 36% rise in match night ticket sales for games played in September. Promotional programs with Groupon, Time 106.6, Reading 107, Berkshire Media Group combined with an aggressive approach to attendance from schools, colleges and other youth groups are increasing crowds.

“The back room team here at Bracknell is second to none. The Supporters Club, Team Management, medical staff, off-ice officials, DJ, kit team and match night rink staff are all committed to making the fan experience the best it can be. Much of their work out is overlooked by most but it benefits many!” enthused Andrew Cross, Chairman. “My heartfelt thanks to all those involved. We are making excellent progress with our off ice objectives. I have stated privately, and now publicly, that my personal aim is to leave this club as a more widely supported sports team, seen positively by more people in Berkshire and in a viable financial state. Seeing everyone’s efforts produce a 36% increase in match night ticket sales is very encouraging but be under no illusion – there is still a long way to go!

” Ben Beeching, General Manager and Director of Hockey, explains, “The results on the ice remain disappointing to all concerned. We have, on many occasions, dominated teams but not always ended with the game with the result we deserved. Our players are putting 100% effort into every shift, we do have an excellent squad with an abundance of skill and experience. Our coaching staff and team management are working tirelessly to convert this into positive results and they all have our 100% support. With a squad and coaching team like ours we will not be in this lowly position for long!”

“The dressing room is disappointed with the start that has been made. Only a few results have accurately reflected the game itself,” stated Gareth Cox, Coach. “We read and hear the fans frustrations and share this. Yes the ice hockey season is 54 games long but the players we have today should have guided this team into a stronger league position than we currently find ourselves. Everyone knows that! It has been a new challenge working with Ben and Andrew who have brought a different approach and outlook to this club. Our working relationship is open, honest and productive! ”

PSM want to dispel any rumours that changes are already decided. “We are not scared to make tough decisions,” explained Cross. “If a player is consistently not providing value for money and shows no sign of improvement, then a change will be made. If the financial viability of the club requires cuts, we will make them. If the financial viability of the club allows further team investment, we will make that too. We have a two year playing plan agreed with the coach and we will pursue that plan regardless of the difficulties faced.”

Cross is also pleased at the progress being made with non-ticket income. “Firstly I must thank all the sponsors who have continued their support this season. But to make this club financially self-sustaining, we will need to attract new sponsors.” PSM released in October a package of promotional and advertising opportunities for locally based businesses on a pay monthly scheme. “Many local companies simply do not have chunks of money to throw around but do have advertising budgets spent on a monthly basis. For around £500 each month, a company can benefit from access to rink visitors, match night attendance, our local media program and social media through team and match night sponsorship. With advertising on roundabouts in Bracknell costing £500 per month and advertising in monthly colour freebies costing even more, the advertising opportunity with the Bracknell Bees becomes very compelling.” PSM are expecting to announce new sponsorship deals shortly.

For further information contact: Andrew Cross
Email: andrew.cross@precisionsportsmanagement

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