Joel Lundqvist

The sight of seeing a 39-year old hockey still playing is a sight to see. What is better is seeing the same 39-year old hockey player still playing with the same energy, grit, and offensive production that he did 10 years ago.

Are, Sweden native Joel Lundqvist still plays the game of hockey he’s played for decades now and he is not winding down any time soon.  He is still under contract until the end of the 2022/23 hockey season.

A well-rounded center with good hockey sense Lundqvist has proved himself at every level.  While the defense is the style he likes to play he is an underrated gaiter and passer.

As both a leader on and off the ice Lundqvist is a professional in every sense of the word. He leads by example, takes his position on the ice seriously, and is intense whenever he steps on the ice.

Drafted 68th overall in the third round of the 2000 NHL Entry Draft, he played his way into the Dallas stars roster and showed why he belonged in the show. His reckless style of play, while playing exceptionally in all three zones, is what people notice when he’s on the ice.

While playing for Frolunda HC in the 2021/22 season he has played well, recording 3 goals, 4 assists for 7 points in 13 games played. His success just does not stay on the ice but off the ice as well.

As a twin brother of recently retired New York Rangers goaltender Henrik Lundqvist, Joel  has done extremely well while playing for Frolunda HC. He has been champions hockey league champion four times (2015/16, 2016/17, 2018/19, and 2019/20) while with the Frolunda club.

Although the aspirations of playing another NHL game are out the window, Lundqvist is enjoying hockey and life in Frolunda. He is playing sound hockey in his late thirties and very well could play another five to ten years.

While his career in the NHL was short it was sweet, playing his entire career with the Dallas stars he produced 7 goals and 19 assists for 26 points in 134 games, while playing a sound game from end to end.

Although we do not know how much longer Joel Lundqvist will play we do know he played with ambition and heart. He still plays with an edge, battles in the corners, and blocks shots.

Lundqvist is the heart and soul of the Frolunda HC club. Teammates should get what knowledge they can from him before it’s too late and he retires from the game he loves.

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