Jagr Passes Messier in All-Time Career Goals

There are few mullets in hockey more memorable than Jaromir Jagr. His iconic locks are pretty much synonymous with hockey, or at least synonymous with his stint on the title-bearing Penguins so many years back. With such a sterling career stat sheet, it’s super exciting (and not all that suprising) to see him continue to climb the ranks of all-time greats. Just a few nights ago, the NHL titan scored his 695th goal to climb to 7th on the all-time scorers list. Pretty great, eh?

Jagr’s Recent Years

It would be easy to spend pages (and pages and pages) rattling off Jagr’s accomplishments. His hey day was spent on the Penguins, but what’s more interesting is how his play has shaken out these past 5-or-so years. He’s been a bit of a hot potato since retiring a few seasons back, logging minutes on the several teams including the Devils, the Flyers, the Bruins and this season, the Devils.

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His Bruins season was something of a letdown, albeit a pretty flashy one. While he didn’t see as many goals as eager Boston fans were hoping for, his boardplay and intangibles that season were second to none. He even saw his new team all the way to the Stanley Cup playoffs, only to be edged out by the super-hot Blackhawks. So while the Bruins did cut him loose after that season, they weren’t exactly calling eviction management services.

Of course, his recent “comeback” season comes on the heels of a stint of “retirement” for the aging forward. He bowed out of the NHL before his Penguins curtain call and his Bruins playoff run (although it wasn’t true retirement as he did play in Eurpoe). It was an interesting move, but not a surprising one as he is turning 42 this year. It’s an age that is starting to spell decline for the star. But, he credits his recent surge to the time he took away from the grueling NHL. So the move may have a silver lining as he starts to cross achievements off his list.

The Record and Beyond

With a third period, high-traffic goal against Montreal in their most recent game, Jagr has officially passed Mark Messier on the all-time goals list, putting him seventh on the overall list. Messier is no slouch with an impressive list of records including the second most overall points in a single season. So by climbing the all-time ladder, Jagr is further solidifying an impressive claim as one of the greatest players of all time.

While the 41-year-old staple does seem to be getting a second (or third, or fourth) wind these past few seasons, he isn’t exactly hunkering down for the long-hall with any one team. He’s spent only single seasons on his last three, and remains a questionable prospect for most franchises. His numbers for the Devils this year, however, show serious promise with 14 goals already tallied. If he keeps on track, he could climb the all-time list even further by the end of play this year. Of course, he’s made no mention of retiring again, so that gives him at least one more season to find the back of the net just a few more times.

These days “retiring” might not mean anything anyway. Let’s hope he doesn’t turn into an ice-skating Favre. But for now, hockey fans nationwide (no matter their team affiliation), are enjoying the show this seasoned (and aching) veteran is putting on.

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