It’s a grand 50-50 prize!

At this Saturday’s home derby day fixture against the Peterborough Phantoms the prize on our 50-50 draw will be an unprecedented £1,000 – and that’s just the MINIMUM payout!

Since Christmas the payout has been a guaranteed minimum of £500 – and the demand for tickets has been enough to send that jackpot to over £600 almost every week.

But for this week the Supporters’ Club – which runs all MKL fund raising – has gone one better and DOUBLED the guaranteed minimum prize.

Tickets cost just £1 each, or you can buy 3 for £2 – or if you’re feeling really lucky, buy 10 for just £5. Buy from the sellers in hi-viz jackets in and around the Arena, before the end of the first period break.

Someone at Saturday’s game has to win it…why not YOU?

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