Introducing your Blackburn Hawks Fundraisers & Team Management

Introducing your Blackburn Hawks Fundraisers & Team Management

In the last of our series of articles introducing the “Full 9 Yards” Blackburn Hawks match night crew, Press Officer Jim Piper caught up with our Fundraisers and Team Management.

Esther Gradwell and Brenda Walsh head up our fundraising team and will oversee our match night volunteers running the 50 / 50 and Shirt Raffle draws as well as the Merchandise table and Chuck a Puck.

Esther has been volunteering with the Hawks for 5 years and is the familiar face of the Hawks merchandise table. Esther is also the current Chair of the Hawks Supporters Club.Esther commented, ““The lads literally lay their bodies on the line for the club, so it’s great to be able to help raise as much money as possible to help them. I’m looking forward to seeing what can be achieved this season with the new look Full 9 Yards Blackburn Hawks!”

Brenda has many years of experience of overseeing fundraising and club draws from her time at the Manchester Phoenix ice hockey club where she was instrumental in assisting with fundraising.

In every team as well as on ice leadership all teams need effective off ice leadership too. Steve Duncombe and James Neil, your head and assistant coaches could not possible do all the tasks required to run a professional hockey club. Team managers are an essential part of day to day and especially game night operations.

The Hawks management team for 2018 / 19 are as follows,

Miek Harris and Mark Kinder are the management duo with Darren Lucas performing the role of player liaison.

Mark Kinder is the Hawk’s General Manager and has been around almost as long as Methusela having been involved in the team management of U-14, U-16 and U-19 teams and of course now the Hawks senior team.

Mark commented,” I think the new lads coming in and the experience of the returning players and new imports will show an improvement on last season and top 4 or 5 is definitely reachable in a league that has improved again this season. I’m really looking forward to the forthcoming season.

Miek has been the Hawks1 Assistant team manager for six years but has been serving the club a volunteer since 2004 and has got her whole family involved in various jobs for the team. Miek also manages the Off-Ice officials, without whom we would not have a game night.

This year Off-Ice Officials are as follows:

Scorer     – Steff Harris

Time Keeper – Gareth Hunt

Goal Judges – Lyn Royds and Jonny White

Home penalty box – Brian Harrison

Away penalty box – Steve Farr

Runners – Darren Lucas and Miek Harris

“Recruitment is going well and here’s hoping we will have a good season with a tilt at the Play-offs”, said Miek at last weeks training session.

Darren Lucas has been a Hawks fan all his life and it seemed natural that he would find a role for himself within the club. That role is Player Liaison. Basically, a Jack of all trades and if the players or coaches need something, he will get it for them,

“I love the Hawks,” said Darren,” and love doing what I do to help the organisation.”

On behalf of the organisation John Neville commented, “Its been great to see the 3 articles who will be the driving force of the organisation. All the individuals involved are the core and heartbeat of the organisation for the year ahead. I’d like to thank all of them for the time and energy everyone has put in to get us to this point and can’t wait for the puck to drop this afternoon”.


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