Injury update on Wilds #8, Richard Charles.

Richard Charles joined Wild back in July after being ever-present through training sessions and getting stronger as each passed showing he had a natural mindset for ice hockey. The Scottish forward played both pre-season games with no issues with fitness, and claimed his place to feature heavily in the first competitive game of the season against Deeside Dragons.

Unsure of exactly what caused the problem, Charles said;

“It was a very inconspicuous impact, within the last 10 minutes of the first Deeside game. I just put my arm up as someone skated past. I can’t remember anything substantial happening before that, it just went numb and extremely painful there and then. I thought my shoulder had popped as I couldn’t move it at all.”

Early advice on the injury was to rest it for a couple of weeks, and to try some advised exercises

“I’ve had 3 Physio sessions since damaging one of the tendons in my left shoulder rotor cuff. I’m seeing a small improvement each week with the physio treatment and focusing on the exercises I’ve been given. I’m now waiting to have an injection in the shoulder joint on 21st Oct and hopefully that will progress recovery by about 60% on top of the 20-30% recovery I’ve already achieved.

I’ll be back with the physio after the injection and will hopefully then get an indication of a likely return date. I’ve tried to keep myself involved with team at training and through my presence at all the games. It’s difficult and very frustrating not being fit to play and I want to get back ASAP.”

“Nottingham was especially frustrating as it’s a great facility and I would have relished being up against a very good team. The boys did fantastic all weekend!”

We’re looking forward to getting our assistant captain back in team colours and will continue to update our fans and followers with how Richard is doing.

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