Ice Hockey Review 2014 NIHL Yearbook Available Now!

Well – I’m back! Have you missed me? It’s not that I haven’t had lots of strong opinions to express about the first couple of months of the new ice hockey season – such as the problems being caused by the new requirement to have a non-playing Level 2 coach on the bench at all times….. and the shame that NIHL crowds are being denied the opportunity to see British all-time top points scorer and first British born NHL draftee Tony Hand play in the English Challenge Cup….. and so on.

No –  I am afraid that I have been completely tied up with finalising the 2014 edition of Ice Hockey Review – the only book on the planet that covers all teams and competitions in NIHL North & South – divisions 1 and 2 and which is available to buy now by mail order or at a growing number of NIHL rinks on match nights.

While most other people were off enjoying the summer, yours truly and co-writers Chris Mackenzie (NIHL North) and Chris Randall (NIHL South) were shut away in darkened rooms gathering together player stats, team reports and photos for all 37 teams that played in NIHL North and South during the 2013/14 season.

The Moralee Conference play off weekend at Dumfries is in there – as is the Laidler play off weekend at Solihull, the South 2 Cup Finals weekend at Oxford, South 1 Cup and Play Offs, regular season play in all 4 divisions and a whole lot more.

There are interviews with Whitley Warriors’  Adam Reynolds, Thomas Stuart-Dant formerly of Sutton Sting and now of Billingham Stars, Wightlink Raiders owner Geoff Underwood and EIHA referee Tim Pickett.  The Pro Hockey News All Star teams and player awards for N1 and S1 are there too and features on retiring Chelmsford Chieftains coach Gary Clarke, Wightlink Tigers retiree Andy Robinson and the launch of NIHL Radio complete this year’s contents.

This has been a huge undertaking as it is the first year that we have included all the South 1 & 2 teams as well. To avoid any doubt or confusion, the 2014 edition of the Ice Hockey Review NIHL yearbook really does include: stats, photos and reports of:

N1 Moralee Conference: Billingham Stars, Blackburn Hawks, Manchester Minotaurs, Sheffield Spartans, Solway Sharks, Sutton Sting, Telford Titans, Whitley Warriors

N2 Laidler Conference: Blackburn Eagles, Coventry Blaze, Deeside Dragons, Nottingham Lions, Hull Jets, Sheffield Spartans, Solihull Barons, Widnes Wild

South 1: Bracknell Hornets, Cardiff Devils, Chelmsford Chieftains, Invicta Dynamos, Milton Keynes Thunder, Solent & Gosport Devils, London Raiders, Streatham Redskins, Wightlink Raiders

South 2: Basingstoke Buffalo, Bristol Pitbulls, Cardiff Devils, Chelmsford Warriors, Invicta Mustangs, Lee Valley Lions, London Haringey Racers, Oxford City Stars, Peterborough Islanders, Slough Jets, Swindon Wildcats, Wightlink Tigers

If you fancy getting yourself a copy, or buying one as an early Christmas present for that NIHL player or fan in your life, you can get it by mail order for the website at or – you can help support your local NIHL club by buying a copy from their merch table on match night. In that way, the extra money goes to help your club rather than into the coffers of the Royal Mail…! You can also buy the book on Amazon but it costs more that way due to their P&P costs.

So, we are currently setting up a network of outlets around the country where you can buy your copy of Ice Hockey Review 2014.

Our North Editor Chris Mackenzie has copies to sell at Whitley Warriors home games and also at selected Billingham Stars home games and he will also do his best to accommodate any other sales enquires in the North East.

South Editor Chris Randall has copies for sale at Wightlink home games and will happily arrange delivery of copies on the Isle of Wight and South Coast area.

Copies of the book are also available – or, if not, soon will be available at: Solway Sharks, Blackburn Hawks, London Raiders, Streatham Redskins and Haringey Racers home matches.

The list is growing daily and you can always find out the latest additions on the Ice Hockey Review website at

If you run an NIHL team, supporters club or sales outlet and would like to find out about the club discount offer, check out the Review website and follow the purchase links tabs.

We are already gathering material for next year’s Review book which will – once again – cover all NIHL north and South teams for the 2014/15 season and a lot more besides.  If you cover an NIHL team or take photos, we ‘d like to hear from you and you can contact the Editorial team via the website.


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