Ice Hockey and Ukraine

The country of Ukraine is still in shambles from the war with Russia. Vladimir Putin and his military are wreaking havoc on the Ukrainian people, with many casualties to the most honest and unsuspecting people.   With this hate by Russia still raging on the people of Ukraine are looking for answers.

The war has hit the country of Ukraine differently and many people that survive will never forget this. Many will remember what happened but never forget.

With that said there is another change in the country of Ukraine and that change involves the Ukraine hockey league. A change is so massive that it is rare that this happens and may never happen again.

The Ukrainian hockey went through some changes as well, with teams being suspended and others leaving. This is unheard of in the game of hockey, one that is rare and left an entire hockey league in disbelief.

This started as Donbass Donetsk and HK Kramatorsk were allowing players on their team, who have been suspended for one offense or another, to suit up and play. This of course is illegal and the teams were caught and punished.

The teams were suspended from playing in the league anymore and the teams accepted their punishment. However, they accepted their punishment to start a new league. Other teams in the league caught wind of this and joined the new “super league” as well.

The new league consists of Donbass Donetsk, HK kramatorsk, Mariupol, Belyj Bars, Dinamo Kharkov, Molodaya Gvardija Druzhovka, and Sokol Kiev. The new “super league” has no ties with the old uhl and are going on as if the new league will be superior to the old.

The league was initially created in June 2016 then folded when the “super league was created in 2021. MHL Sokol Kyi remains the dominant team, 19 points ahead of HC Kremenchuk.

Some may also remember that UHL from a horrible incident that happened late last year. Donbass forward Andri Deniskin made a racist taunt toward African American forward Jalen Smereck. Deniskin was given a 13 game suspension and on October 10, 2021 Deniskin and Donbass agreed to part ways.

Regardless of past issues and the issues with Russia currently going on the country of Ukraine is determined to get their country back, live a happy life, and get back to hockey as they know it. Who knows when the war will end but we do know that the love for the country of Ukraine is worldwide.

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