Ian’s back with an old flame – Telford Tigers!

A series of articles from throughout the season, where Telford Tigers fans tell how they became a supporter of the club they now love

This week, Ian Howles, who is now a committed follower of the Tigers – and in fact, always has been!

I started coming to the newly-formed Telford Tigers when they were spun off from Solihull Barons in the mid 1980s. It was when Chuck Taylor, Mark Budz and Paul Thomason were at their peak.

Those early years of the Tigers were fantastic and I have wonderful memories of the team playing at a packed Telford Ice Rink – often to capacity.

As with many of those early supporters, I stopped coming to games in the early 1990s, as work and family committments took over my weekends!

I became interested in Telford Tigers again through a neighbour, Angelene Evans (a First Responder), when her son began playing for the under-16s. She told me all about the great atmosphere at games and how exciting it all is.

That was about three years ago and I eventually persuaded myself to watch a Tigers match for the first time in about 20 years. As with my first time back in the 1980s, I was hooked almost straight away!

Just a few weeks later, I introduced my family to Telford Tigers – and of course, we all loved it.

My son Thomas is a massive fan and we saw our friends at a game as well. That sealed the deal and we have been coming every week since.

Another great part of ice hockey is that you can follow the players’ performances and statistics quite easily. It is interesting to see how the netminders build their save percentages, for example.

More recently, Thomas has joined the Learn to Play programme, which he absolutely loves. He gets to meet the players and be coached by them – a dream come true for him!

We have also become involved in sponsorship this season. We have our name on Macaulay Heywood’s shirt, and will get to keep it at the end of the season through the own and loan scheme.

But the best part of becoming involved with Telford Tigers is the atmosphere at games. You can’t beat a full house for the noise, excitement and thrilling action on the ice.

It is why we keep coming back every week and with the friends we have made over the last few years, Telford Tigers will be a firm fixture of our weekends for a long time to come!

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