He’s an import – but not as you know it!

Oxford City Stars have signed
experienced D-Man David Manning to boost the squad.

David is Australian, but
under new rules is classed as a British player as he is a British passport
holder, meaning the club can still sign another import if the opportunity

The 31-year-old can play
defence and forward and signs from Bristol Pitbulls.

He has played in numerous
countries during his career including Australia, Sweden, Canada, America,
France and the UK.

David said: “After being
contacted by Coach Anderson I was interested in his vision for the upcoming
season. It was clear he had put in place some big goals for the club and I was
excited in the opportunity to reach those.

“I think there is some good
talent at Oxford after playing them last year and I’m excited to get skating to
say the least.”

Head Coach Simon Anderson
said: “David has had a very interesting hockey career and his CV is full of
different clubs all around the world.

“David will bring a massive
amount of experience to the Stars and will be invaluable as a leader and mentor
to our younger players on the roster.

“He is also very versatile as
he can play both defence and forward, which is a plus with us running a very
tight roster.

“The biggest bonus of all is David is now a British Passport holder meaning he
can play as a British player, freeing up a roster spot for another import if

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