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After many months of work, I made this site public in 2001.  It was the Lee Valley Lions Nostalgia Site as, at that time, the senior Lions had long since gone, the Junior teams didn’t bear the name and there was absolutely nothing online about the Lions of the 80s and 90s.  I was thrilled when I was told the Lions would rise from the flames, back in 2005, and readily agreed to provide content on the new team.  From that time until I left London in 2012 I was at every home game (and plenty of away ones too), I wrote match reports, did the programme for a while, did the game sheet for a while, took photos, liaised with local press, donated £1,000 of my savings, put the website through two major redesigns and generally did whatever I could to support the team I’d been mad about since January 1986, devoting so much of my time that it cost me my first marriage.  As I initially set up the site as a fan site, at a time when there was no Lions team, I never expected, nor received, assistance towards the hundreds of pounds I’ve paid in hosting costs over the years.

After I left London I was extremely grateful to George Alley and Patrick Ayling for providing me with regular content that I could use to update the site.  This season I’ve received no news or updates, although I did offer to grant Author access to my site so that others could write content themselves.  My dedication to the Lions throughout so many years could never be questioned but clearly things change and people who once were able to help have moved on.  It is with great reluctance, therefore, that this site will no longer be updated.  If you’ve not done so already, I recommend you get updates on the team by visiting the Lee Valley Lions’ page on Facebook, where there are also match photos.

I always have, and always will, wish the Lee Valley Lions every success.

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