Head Coach Update – Setting the Standards

With player recruitment completed Simon Anderson provides an update on the Stars’ philosophy culture behind his signings.

The summer has been a busy one, trying to get the right pieces together for our roster. We have jumped up a standard so I needed to make sure we had the right guys in terms of ability, but also guys that fitted within our budget and would be guys who were not here for a pay day.

Attitude is something I tell
my players they can choose that every day, so conversations with players were
about that type of thing when I called them. Any player hung up on what we
could give them and not what they could do for us are not here and if that
makes us lose a few games then so be it. I can honestly say that every player
that has been signed for this season are 100% committed to pulling on a Stars
jersey and that is going to stand us in good stead for the long season ahead.

I have tried to sign younger players for the most part where I could, because I felt we needed that. I also want to show our young junior players that if you are good enough you are old enough and will get the chance to play senior hockey.

Oxford City Stars Vs Invicta Dynamos

Additionally, we obviously have our tremendous local player pool and the returnees from last season who will lead us and set the standard for those younger guys on the roster. They are the heartbeat of this club and I am excited to see them get back to playing at NIHL 1, because in my opinion they were way too good for NIHL 2. It is a massive commitment at this level and most of the guys have jobs, families etc. so everything they do is really appreciated by myself and the Board and I am sure the fans will appreciate that too.

As a coach you are always judged on results and I will do everything possible to ensure we play a fast-entertaining brand of hockey and get good performances, win or lose. Fans pay their money and they are there to be entertained. We want to build up our fan base to where it was the last time I coached here and get Oxpens rocking. I can’t think of an more intimidating rink to play in for the opposition and we want to make it that way this coming season.

I look forward to seeing everyone soon and hope you all enjoy the season.

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