Head Check Program Launched by the EIHA


Head Check Program Launched by the EIHA in conjunction with the its Medical Section full details of the process can be found on the medical section of the website.

Ice hockey is a fast paced contact sport which brings with it the potential for injury. As a governing body we take the prevention and treatment of injuries seriously. The pages have been designed to provide important medical information to clubs, coaches, managers, parents, first aiders and parents to minimise injury in our game.

Ice hockey should be a sport to enjoy, not a sport in which we worry about our players.

HEADCHECK is a new campaign which will raise the awareness of concussion in ice hockey. Concussion is a serious, life threatening injury which can take months to go and is common in ice hockey due to the contact.

This was recently bought to media attention within ice hockey due to the long layoff with Sydney Crosby but all sports are now taking this injury more seriously.

This is a EIHA mandatory policy and all clubs are urged to follow the 5 S’s which mean a safe return for our players.

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