This rearranged game saw both teams line up with a very short bench. With Coventry battling against relegation and Blackburn trying to secure a top four play off spot both teams desperately needed the points but it was Hawks who took control of the game from the outset, giving Coventry little opportunity to get out of the defensive zone.
Ironically, it was one of those rare opportunities that provided Hawks with their first goal. Brittle saved the Coventry shot and passed the puck to Rick Ravey. Although his clearance pass did not reach Ivo Dimitryevs, the feisty forward chased the puck deep into the Coventry zone and forced the defender to dump it. Rick was on hand to keep it in the zone and send it towards Aaron Davies who deftly ditched his  d-man and put the first goal  on the board.
With Hawks having the majority possession it was only a matter of time before they struck again. Dan MacKriel was unlucky when he fired just wide of the post and Coventry countered quickly, but Ric and Myles combined to regain possession and a  pin point pass from Myles left an unmarked Matt Viney clear on goal with plenty of time to put away goal number 2.
Blaze had the ideal opportunity to cut the lead when they picked up a  stray pass and caught defence  completely off guard. Dangy was sorely tested in the resulting panic but thankfully Chris Arnone managed to intercept the puck and pass it safely out of the zone to Ivo. With Coventry defence rushing back Ivo carried the puck into the zone, round the net and almost out again, just managing to cross it into the centre. Bobby Streetly claimed the loose puck and took a shot from the circle which bounced off the netminders pad but Jared Owen was at the near post and tapped in the rebound to make it 3-0
A lucky break signalled a change in the game and helped Coventry pull a goal back. Dangy stopped a shot but did not realise the puck was sitting on the goal line underneath his leg pads. Josh Nicholls from Coventry was the first one to see it and pushed it over the line.  Coventry settle into the game more and start to test Hawks defence on a regular basis. It doesn’t stop Hawks from restoring the 3 goal lead though as a 4 on 2 breakout allowed Hawks to circle the goal with Myles firing home from close range.
The last five minutes of the period are frantic starting with Chris Arnone receiving the first penalty of the match. The resulting powerplay leaves Hawks defending desperately as Coventry camp in the zone and create a number of really good chances. With the powerkill complete Hawks reclaimed the initiative and two quick goals from Danny MacKriel and Aaron Davies leave Hawks with a commanding lead at the first interval.
Period 2 sees Stuart Ashton taking over from Daniel Brittle between the pipes. Undeterred, Blackburn continue to attack the Coventry goal but have to concede a powerplay goal when Chris is called for tripping. Blackburn’s respond by stepping up a gear and when Ivo passes to Aaron from behind the net a clinical finish makes it 7-2
The Blaze battle on bravely but when Jared and Myles score goals from individual one on one breakouts the game is effectively over as a contest.
In the final 5 minutes of the period Hawks incur a series of penalties and Coventry duly capitalise with 2 goals but Myles Dacres has the last laugh when he powers through defence and brings the score to double figures as well as completing his first hat trick in senior hockey.
In comparison to the first two periods the third period was a rather dull affair. Hawks sat back and concentrated on preserving the lead whilst Coventry concentrated on the lying down game resulting in Hawks playing shorthanded for the final ten minutes. It didn’t result in further goals and the third period finished as it had started with Hawks leading 10-4.
Hawks Myles Dacres with a hat trick

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