HAWKS ‘slip, slide…and fall’ onto BBC One

TV 1

Filming took place at the Blackburn Arena back in June.

The Blackburn HAWKS were prime-time viewing last night (Thursday 3 October) when captain Chris Arnone and Rick Ravey appeared on BBC One.

‘Mayhem & Mishaps: Britain Caught on Camera” catalogued the everyday mishaps and accidents we encounter in our lives through home-videos and CCTV.

In a section examining the forces at work in ‘slipping, sliding and falling’, the Hawks had their skates taken away to provide some dramatic – and amusing – crash landings in the name of science.

The player’s reactions were then analysed to examine the way in which the human body responds.

If you missed the programme, it is available on the BBC’s iPlayer catchup service for the next seven days.

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