Hawks Sign ex Player

Full 9 Yards Blackburn Hawks are pleased to announce the signing of ex Hawk Jordan Bannon for the remainder of the season.

25yr old, Liverpool born forward, Jordan started in 2005-06 with the Deeside Avalance u-16’s. The following year he moved to Manchester Phoenix u-16’s before making his senior debut with the Trafford Metros in 2009. He had two seasons with the Metros before moving to the Blackburn Hawks and scored 17 goals in 32 games. Telford Tigers were next in 2012 but after a short spell moved back to the Hawks and the Deeside Dragons. He moved back to the nest from Wales in 2014-15 and was a part of the victorious Hawks league and cup winning side of that year and the following 2015-16 season. He returned to his first club, Deeside in 2016-17 before returning to Blackburn for the remainder of this season.

James Neil said of Jordan, ” Jordan knows how to win games and he adds a bit of toughness to the forwards for the rest of the season.”

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