‘Hawks continue to build as Streetly returns for 2018/19’


Head coach Steve Duncombe added to the squad today by securing the return of blueliner Bobby Streetly.

The 24 year old, Leeds born defender stands 6ft2inches tall and weighs in at 216lbs.

He has had a well-travelled junior career starting in 2007-08 with Manchester Phoenix u16 team before wearing the colours of the Kingston Crunch u16, then moving on to Bradford Bulldogs at u16 and 18 levels. He progressed to their ENL2 team in 2010-11. The following season he signed for the Hawks in the ENL and the Thunderhawks u18 team benefited from a few appearances in their campaign.

2012-13 was a busy year for Bobby as he iced for the Hawks, the Eagles in NIHL2 and also for Sutton Sting. He further enhanced his geographical knowledge of the UK with a two-year trip “down south” to the Wightlink Raiders. Then it was back “oop north” to the Hawks for season 2016-17, including 2 guest appearances for Manchester Phoenix in the EPL where he picked up an assist much to the delight of the Phoenix fans.

Last year he iced in 32 league games for the Hawks, scoring 4 goals and 7 assists for a credible 11 point season. He also played 8 games in the NIHL National Cup competition scoring 2 goals and picking up 3 assists.

All in all the popular blueliner has iced 220 games in the ENL1/NIHL1 leagues.

Bobby commented, “I’m really excited to be back again for another season. I am looking forward to working with Duncs and Neilly!. There has been a lot of negativity regarding the club over the last few years and especially over the last couple of months. Hopefully that is over now and we can move forward. With the additions Duncs is making, there is no reason we shouldn’t be challenging with the best in this league and looking for silverware come the end of the season.”

Coach Duncombe said, “I’m so pleased to have Bobby back for another season. Last year he went from strength to strength and really played a pivotal role towards the end of the season. I’m expecting him to play an even bigger role this season as I know he has been working on his strength and conditioning throughout the summer.”

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