Great Britain Women will be taking part in an exciting venture which will see players all around the world take part in the Global Girls’ Game.

The global game, organised by the IIHF and Hockey Canada, will be operated during the World Girls’ Ice Hockey Weekend (WGIHW), which will be held worldwide on 10th and 11th October 2015.

The objective is to co-ordinate a massive game, played across 30 countries in 30 hours, held in chronological order starting from east to west.

It will start in Wellington, New Zealand and end in Calgary, Canada, with GB scheduled to be the 25th game over the weekend.

There will also be games in Melbourne, Seoul, Tokyo, Astana, Dubai, and Ankara, as well as numerous countries in Europe. 

IHUK general secretary, Andy French, said: “This is a brilliant idea by the IIHF and Hockey Canada.

“It is amazing to think the whole world can link up in such a way.

“Ice hockey unites us worldwide and this is a great way to promote women’s hockey, with numerous games across the world.”

GB Women will be icing two teams against each other and further details will announced shortly. 

Click here for more details about the Global Girls’ Game. 

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