GB Star Ready to Go Wild

RTL Wild Logo Sq.fwThe RTL sponsored Widnes Wild are delighted to announce the signing of GB roller hockey sniper Karl Niamatali. Karl is currently playing registered for the Riverside Raiders and the Widnes Wildcats but will pull on the Wild jersey in August as the Wild face the Solihull Barons in a pre-season home and away series.

Those games will be the first ice hockey games that Niamatali will have played but the 31 year-old, who is well known around the roller hockey society, is expected to have a big impact in the 2016/17 season for the Wild. Coach Mckenzie is excited to have such a talent on his team;

Niamatli playing Roller Hockey for GB

Niamatli playing Roller Hockey for GB

“I think last year we really struggled with secondary scoring, if our top line was shut down, it made it pretty difficult for us to win. Adding Karl gives us that secondary scoring. He came to the trials in May and put in a good performance, but I have been tracking him for a while as our GM John Anderson informed me that he was going to play for his (Riverside) Raiders team, so I knew that he had ability. Karl is working incredibly hard to get his skating up to standard, he is in great shape and along with the other guys we have signed, he is only going to add and make us better. I am really glad he chose to come to Widnes.”

The RTL Widnes Wild will play Solihull Barons at home on the 20th August with a slightly earlier face-off than normal of 5pm. The following night the Wild will travel to Solihull to face the Barons at Hobs Moat with a 6.30pm face off down in Solihull. Niamatali is excited to get going;

“I am really looking forward to getting to camp and feel very grateful to be given the chance to play with what already is a very good team. I hope I can add to it with plenty of hustle and hopefully chip in with the odd goal here and there. Solihull will be a good challenge for me but I can’t wait to pull the Wild jersey on and get started.”

Karl Niamatali will wear the RTL Widnes Wild #4 jersey for the upcoming season. His home and away jerseys are available to Own & Loan for just £75, if you are interested in buying one of Karl’s jerseys, contact;


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