Game Recap: Phantoms 3, Jets 5

The DALROD sponsored Phantoms’ saw two winning streaks come to an end on a night of disappointment and controversy.

A fifth successive Peterborough Ice Arena victory and a third straight win proved to be beyond the city side despite them dominating the Jets for long periods.

Phantoms had more than double the shots on goal of the visitors (49 to 20), but regularly found their path to goal blocked by the brilliance of Jets netminder Kamil Jarina.

Phantoms did still succeed in getting the puck past the veteran Slovakian shot-stopper on four occasions – hauling themselves level three times before seeing the last of the ‘goals’ controversially ruled out.

The officials insisted a Jaroslav Cesky effort with 2:47 left on the clock had not crossed the line – despite the goal judge deeming it had.

It was a hotly-disputed decision which had a huge impact on the result. A goal then and Phantoms would have had the momentum for a late charge, but they were unable to find another way through despite pulling netminder Tom Murdy.

In fact he had to return for the final 24 seconds as Phantoms finishing the night on a penalty kill rather than chasing goals after Nicky Watt gave Slough man Ciaran Long a pasting.

At least Jon Kynaston’s men went down fighting, but that was of little consolation as a first four-point weekend of the campaign failed to come to fruition.

Kynaston admitted: “Plenty of people, including our player who had the shot and the goal judge, believe the puck was in.

“I’m particularly disappointed that the referee chose not to speak to the goal judge. At the very least he should have been asked what he thought he saw.

“But sometimes those decision go for you and other times they go against you.

“We had a very strong second period when twice getting ourselves level and we were in the box-seat to pick up the victory in the third period.

“But we ended up paying dearly for a couple of lapses that led to Slough fourth and fifth goals and we couldn’t come back from them.

“We got in a lot of shots on their goal, but they weren’t all quality efforts by any means.

“It took us too long to figure out that we needed to get some traffic in front of their netminder who, admittedly played very well.

“Two wins in a weekend would obviously be nice, but the main thing is picking up points and we did that with the win in Telford on Saturday.”

Marc Levers was an influential figure for Phantoms, racking up a hat-trick of goal, assist and fight.

The assist came first as he played in Erik Piatak to level on a powerplay at 15:16 and it was soon followed by the scrap as Levers reacted angrily after being caught in the head by the stick of Slough man Long.

Levers then provided their second levellerat 27:39 when tipping in a Greg Pick blast and Cesky hit equaliser number three on a powerplay at 33:53 after Jarina had spilled a Marcel Petran blast.

Plenty would have fancied Phantoms to finish the job in the final section, but two Alan Lack goals left them to suffer a third home defeat of the campaign.





15:16 Piatak (PP) ass: Levers/Watt

27:39 Levers ass: Pick/Piatak

33:53 Cesky (PP) ass: Petran/Pick



11:37 Koulikov ass: Padelek/Richardson

16:26 Long ass: Pliskauskas

29:40 Pliskauskas ass: Long

49:50 Lack ass: Towalksi/Waller

53:13 Lack ass: Wales/Towalski


Report courtesy of the Peterborough Evening Telegraph

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