Frolunda Logo Dilemma

scrapped frolunda logo
Scrapped Frolunda Logo

Team names are often talked about when a new team comes along as is their logo. The Vegas Golden Knights and the Seattle Kraken will tell you that. What is more controversial is when an existing team changes its name.

We are not talking about the Mighty Ducks of Anahiem. Of course their change to simply Anahiem Ducks was universally a good move. This past week Swedish SHL team Frolunda known since 1995 as the Indians released their new logo. It did not go well.

Following multiple threats to the club office the logo was scrapped and it will be looked at with supporters groups to find a suitable alternative.

The background to this change is the moniker Indians. Across sports monikers relating to ethnicities have been dissappearing and in many cases rightfully so. Monikers should relate to a teams location and the area it represents. Whilst Indians as a moniker for a Swedish team is not the most obvious especially in a league that traditionally does not have nicknames it is a storied name choosen for the right reasons.

Frolunda is a club based in the west of Gothenburg and were known as Vastra Frolunda HC (West Frolunda HC) until 2004 when Vastra was dropped from the title. Vastra or West is the important bit though as playing a game in Frolunda was once described as playing in the wild west. A theme that was adopted by fans and eventually the club. However the club did not want to be associated with lawlessness and guns that came with Cowboys. So went with Indians, seeing Indians as having connotations to courage, passion and fellowship.

If you are going to pick a name then why not go with reasons like that. The Indian/ First Nation logo whilst certainly not modern holds many strong feelings for fans. I didn’t have an issue with new logo (in fact I quite liked it as a logo) but when a team has a history going back to 1944 any change is going to invoke strong feelings and it is had to see how an ultra modern logo would really portray a team with such a history.

It will be interesting to see if any of the fan concepts are going to come to life.

Fan concept for the new Frolunda logo
Concept for the new Frolunda logo

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