Fourteen IIHF appointments for UK officials

The high standard of UK officials has been recognised again by the IIHF, with 14 being chosen to officiate at World Championship, Olympic and Continental Cup tournaments this season.

There’s UK representation at men’s senior, under-20 and under-18, as well as women’s senior and under-18, along with Olympic Qualifying, the Youth Olympic Games and the Continental Cup.

The highest-ranked officials are selected by the IIHF from across the world.

Ice Hockey UK referee-in-chief, Simon Kirkham, said: “Congratulations must go to all the officials chosen to represent the UK at various tournaments.

“Last year we had 12 across the 2014-15 season and this year it is 14 – and it really shows how highly the IIHF rate our officials.

“It is great to see the officials recognised in this way and I would like to wish them every success at their respective tournaments.

A full list of IIHF tournament appointments for UK officials can be found below…

Men’s World Championship Division 2A in Spain: 9th to 15th April

Tom Darnell

Men’s World Championship Division 2B in Mexico: 10th to 16th April 2016

James Kavanagh

Men’s World Championship Division 3 in Istanbul: 31st March to 9th April 2016

Stefan Hogarth

Women’s World Championship Division 1A in Denmark: 25th March to 1st April 2016

Deana Cuglietta and Amy Lack

Women’s World Championship Division 2A in Slovenia: 1st to 7th April 2016

Alice Stanley

Under-20 Men’s World Championship Division 1A in Vienna: 13th to 19th December 2015

Liam Sewell and Ally Flockhart

Under-18 Men’s World Championship in USA: 14th to 24th April 2016

Andy Dalton

Under-18 Women’s World Championship in Hungary: 10th to 16th January 2016

Leigh Hetherington

Olympic Qualification Preliminary Round 1 in Estonia: 5th to 8th November 2015

Dean Smith

Olympic Qualification Preliminary Round 1 in Spain: 5th to 8th November 2015

Scott Dalgleish

Youth Olympic Games in Norway: 12th to 21st February 2016

Danny Beresford

Continental Cup second round Group B in Hungary: 23rd to 25th October 2015

Jonny Liptrott

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