Flyers shutout Flames

On home ice, Flames outshot Fife Flyers by a 41- 22 margin, including a 17-2 gap in the final frame, but without any scoring, Spectrum’s men eventually conceded a 2-0 defeat at the hands of the visitors from Scotland. 


Flyers jumped in front in the 13th minute on a powerplay when Paul Crowder from close range wheeled and fired high over Wouter Peeters in his home debut for a lead they would not give up.


A scoreless middle frame left a bit of work for Surrey’s side in the 3rd, but Flyers capitalised on one of their few chances as the game approached the final 5 minutes to close out their success.   


“I have not seen a team yet that has ever won a hockey game when they didn’t score any goals,” said Paul Dixon.


“We had more than enough chances to be better than 0 on the night. We totally dominated them in the 3rd period, but it just was not going to go in, and sometimes that’s how it works out.”


“Scoring is not 100% controllable by any individual or by a team so all you can do is try to look at the things you did to get some chances and try to make sure you get more in the next game and hope that some of them start getting across the line.”  


Photo of Brett Ferguson attacking Fife net but Flyers netminder Adam Morrison was good for a perfect 41 save evening to take the win.   Photo courtesy John Uwins. 


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