Fehervar AV19

The Fehervar AV19 club is primed and ready to make some noise as the season winds down, combining a talented squad with some luck to come out on top of the league. With that being said they have work to do and they need help from other teams to finish first overall.

Fehervar av19 is a well-rounded club known for its offense. The team is stacked and everyone on the roster is contributing offensively. Almost every player on the squad has a point and everyone is earning their spot one way or another.

Leading scorer Anze Kuralt has 19 goals and 24 assists for 43 points in 47 games, along with 23 penalty minutes and a +16. His 43 points place him 13th in league scoring. The rest of the roster is loaded with talent that there is a different offensive start every night.

AV19 coach Kevin Constantine is looking forward to the challenge of playing better as the season wears down, knowing the club has an uphill battle as the team strives towards supremacy.

The roster is deep and capable of carrying this team very far. Full of ambition and determination the club looks for the same intensity as they look to change their record in the last 10 games in which they are 6-4, outpacing their opponents in that stretch 35-30.

The defense has been good but not as strong as the offense has been. There have been nights where they get caught in their zone, being trapped for periods before getting the puck out. However they will hit and clear the front for their goaltenders and make it a long night for the opposition.

Goaltender Rasmus Tirronen has been really good in the net for Fehervar, posting a .913 save % and a 2.40 GAA in 28 games played. Although he doesn’t have to be spectacular most night he has Storm a game here and there with his incredible play.

Fehervar AV19 currently sit in 3rd place in the ICEHL and are 12 points out of first place, yet ranked first overall with the most wins in the league. The club boasts one of the best offensive teams, scoring a total of 165 goals, which ranks second in the league. The defense has been very solid also, ranking fifth in the league with 133 goals against. The team also is an incredible +32 this season.

Founded in 1960 Fehervar AV19 has been a consistent club in the way of performance. The organization are 13-time Hungarian champions, and have been battle tested in each of those championships.

Although the season is winding down it is far from over. Fehervar av19 have something to prove and they are out to prove a point, as they want another championship when all said and done. With the roster the way it is and the consistency during the year don’t count them out as they proved they can be a dangerous squad.

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