Fan Favourite, Chris Preston, To Return To The Wild.

Widnes Wild are delighted to announce the re-signing of Chris Preston.

The 32 year old who has been playing hockey for over 20 years, has re-joined the Wild for his 3rd season.

This is what Chris Preston had to say about the news;

‘Widnes is a great place to play hockey. I’ve been at this club from the start so to me the Wild will always have a special place in my heart.’

‘I was a bit uncertain about playing this season but the enthusiasm from those that follow the team and the fans that I have chatted with when bringing my eldest son to the rink is infectious.’

‘When Scott encouraged me to get back on the ice I loved it, this years atmosphere in the dressing room is incredibly positive, that was the extra push I needed and I realised I still wanted to be part of the club and play my role in helping the Wild succeed.’

‘I’m not sure what my role to the team will be this year. As always you just play the role you are given and as I have only just got back on the ice with the lads and with there being a new coach I’ll be aiming to do what’s expected of me.’

‘In the past I have generally been expected to get in to the dirty areas that the other players don’t like. Get in the corners and make plays happen, crash the opposition and get in the goalies way forcing home tip ins & rebounds or just make myself a nuisance to the other team by using my speed advantage to fore-check and not give them the time to play. It’s tough to make predictions yet of how I will fit into next seasons Wild team because of the new coach. Scott will be looking to bring in a new style of play and I will adapt to that.’

‘I have big expectations for this season. From what I have picked up so far the direction for this seasons team is exactly how I believe a should be built. This seasons emphasis seems to be on the team itself and building a group of players that come together to achieve a common cause. Personally I think the idea of having 5 players on the ice playing for each other with smart systems is far greater than relying on individual mercenaries to win games. The atmosphere in the changing room now is really positive and training sessions have been very productive.’

Chris had this message for the Wild Ones;

‘I think the fans need to trust in the new approach. With not playing at all this summer I was out of touch with the ins and outs of the Wild and the only info I had was the same as everyone else, such as the constant scaremongering on social media by others that were also without any idea what was truly going on within the team.’

‘Obviously with being a Wild fan myself I was concerned, but with getting back in to the team and seeing what is actually happening behind the scenes I can say the team is not just healthy, it’s an exciting place to be. We have a player coach that has successfully played at a higher level than anyone else in the league, we have a good atmosphere between the lads that will breed success and there’s a focus on practice that I haven’t experienced on any team in a long time.’

‘It’s a good time to be part of the Wild.’

This is what head coach, Scott Mckenzie, had to say about Chris;

‘Re-signing Chris Preston was an easy decision for me.’

‘Chris is a guy who is great in the changing room and adds experience on the ice. He wears his heart on his sleeve and is also keen to learn. During the summer I spoke with Chris about returning and I think he just needed some time off the ice to regain that passion and fun element again. He has certainly found that and I am excited to see what the season brings for Chris and the team.’

‘Bringing Chris in takes me up to 10 forwards. I am happy with that although I have my eye set on one more, hopefully that will come off for us.’Chris Preston Pic

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