ENTP: England girls in Finland – day 3, Monday

August 22, 2017

England girls Finland 2017

Up early for breakfast which this year we will not describe we will show you instead.

img_2484 img_2483 img_2482
img_2480 img_2479

Hopefully there is something there for everyone!

A short walk to the ice hall and our first long warm up followed by our first on ice session, 90min working on team plays, good positive session.

img_2498Cool down, lunch (we certainly won’t go hungry) and then off to Kinball if you haven’t seen, it google it, the girls had great fun.

Back to our rooms for rest before tonight’s game against the Redwings from Helsinki.

We tell the girls that hockey in a nation that is in the top six of world hockey nations is really tough, quick and very aggressive, but nothing prepares them for their first game.

So it turned out tonight the Redwings were bigger faster stronger than us and dominated us from start to finish running out eventual 14-0 winners.

A really disappointing start but not unexpected against such good opposition.

Cool down, snack and an informal Q&A, team regrouped and refocused for tomorrow and a day of hard work both on and off the ice.

Goodnight from Finland from The Management


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