England Girls in Finland : Day 3

England girls Winter Tournament
Piispala, Finland
Sunday 13th.

Up and ready at 5.50 for breakfast at 6.15. Weather is still very cold but no more snow.
Warm up and ready to face off at 8 against TPS

Good start to the game, girls focused and working hard. Both teams make half chances but are unable to break through.

Period score 0-0.

Second was again close and pretty even, but the defences were strong and clear cut chances were rare.

2nd period score 0-0

Third saw both teams push for the win and as legs got tired the game opened up with chances at both ends, the nearest being a shot from Emily Harris which came back off the crossbar.

Final score 0-0

The team showed great determination and a marked improvement over yesterday’s 2 games. They are also getting used to how the game is refereed abroad and at international level.

Lunch was followed by a fun session at the complex’s bowling alley with 4 groups playing a fun game or two. All I can say is that if the staff had played the players, the players would have come second!

A couple of hours sleep and then off to our final game against Kettera SaiPa.

The team started well with both defences strong and it was 7.48 until the deadlock was broken with the Finnish scoring at 7.48 quickly followed by a second at 8.55 and a third at 10.17

0-3 at the end of the 1st

With the team struggling to adjust to the speed and movement of SaiPa a fourth and fifth were added at 18.03 and 19.02 but the girls battled through and started to put some control and offence together, and were rewarded with an unassisted goal by Chloe Riley at 25.52 but again were pegged back at 27.52


The team regrouped and started to play some good constructive hockey with chances being made by both teams but again it was the Finns who scored at 33.06 but England hit back with a well worked team goal at 34.50 Emily Harris scoring from Lizzie Saunders and April Burton. But the Finns had the last word with a final goal at 43.43.

The scores may have been disappointing but we know this is about developing young players who will represent the country in the future, it’s a brutal learning curve but without it players won’t progress.

Dinner and then the team had some rest before walking down to the lake for a sauna and a refreshing dip in the lake !!!

The players have learned a lot about living in a nordic country in the winter … it’s very very cold so maybe a coat would be a good idea outside

Lake water in Finland is freezing!

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