EIHA Respond To Playoff Query



The EIHA have responded to Deesides query about the eligibility of Coventry’s Matt Selby for the game that was played on April 20th

Here is the reply

Hello Nigel
I have completed an investigation into your concerns re the Promotion/Relegation Play-offs recently.
First, you have my sincere apology for the delays and lack of contact while I chased emails. I do appreciate your offer to include this subject in tomorrow’s agenda at the League meeting an I expect it to be a complete discussion.
While the League Management Committee does have the authority to give a dispensation, we failed to properly contact your good self with discussion and at the very least, notification.
Coventry did query the status of Selby prior to the 1st game and I now have that email. There is no blame to Coventry as they did consult and it was verified they could ice the 17 year old player as he was a Junior. This was against the Rules of Competition and I accept complete responsibility.
The Rules of Competition will be reviewed prior to the EIHA AGM and the issues in this play-off and the Division 1 play-offs will be addressed.
In closing, I would like to thank the Deeside Club for their professional conduct since this issue occurred and apologize again for the lack of communication and foresight that could have prevented this incident.
Ken Taggart, Chairman
English Ice Hockey Association

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