The English Ice Hockey Association (EIHA) have appointed MDSC to provide a development and support service to all their members and to engage with relevant stakeholders.

As part of the implementation of the EIHA Development Strategy it is recognised that members need guidance aligned to practical resources in order to sustain and grow the sport of Ice Hockey in England and Wales.

By ensuring that members are able to access this service at no-cost the EIHA are confident that they are helping to remove the barriers which limit development and empowering them to meet the needs of their local community.

Members will be able to receive support relating to any area of develop that they feel best meets their needs. Where support is required to access funding then this will be received directly by the club with no commission or fees paid to the either the EIHA or MDSC.

A key area for members will be in achieving clarity in regard to their structure and governance to ensure opportunities are maximised to help develop and achieve objectives and open up better potential for growth in the future.

EIHA chairman, Ken Taggart, said: “We are a member led organisation with a workforce that comprises solely of volunteers. As part of our evolution we have recognised we need to provide robust, transparent and accessible development and growth services to our members”.

MDSC is a social enterprise dedicated to supporting the development of minority and disability sports within the UK, though the provision of services to ensure robust governance, progressive development and structural integrity to enable sustainability and growth.

The personnel at MDSC have significant experience of working in sports development, management and governance and have worked extensively in Sledge Hockey, Ice Hockey and Ice Skating. They have a proven track record in empowering organisational development within a non-profit framework as well as leading a comprehensive programme of interventions to get people into sport.

They have also been prominent in the re-emergence of the Ice Sledge Hockey assisting the growth of the sport from 14 people playing in one rink to a sport with a sustainable, and growing, national league underpinning a World Championship medal winning GB team.

Additionally MDSC produced the National Sport Plan for the National Ice Skating Association (NISA) and provided development support for Ice Skating’s National Governing Body and are currently working with the NISA’s Speed Skating programme to grow participation in the hugely popular Olympic discipline.

Matt Lloyd, MDSC’s Senior Consultant, said: “We’re delighted to have been selected by EIHA to provide what is obviously a hugely service that will have a significant impact on ice hockey at club level and should also support development of the sport in the wider landscape.”

Paralympian Mr. Lloyd continued, “It is fantastic to see the EIHA focusing on its members and recognising that a strong foundation at a grassroots level is what will drive the successful development of Ice Hockey within local communities and at a national level”.

Any member of the EIHA wishing to access the services provided by MDSC should initially send an email to eiha@mdsc.co.uk. A member of the MDSC will then respond within 48 hours.

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