Dundee Stars Get New Coach, GM

Jeff Mason was a difference-maker as an assistant coach, alongside head coach Adam Keefe. They built a relationship and got the Belfast giants in a place where they could be successful year after year and chase championships. After many years behind the bench, mason is out as assistant coach and now head coach and general manager of the Dundee star beginning in the 2022-23 season. 

Mason and Keefe worked hard to get the structure they wanted in Belfast to make the team as competitive as possible. With systems designed to drive the opposition crazy, they had years of success, winning both the premier sports elite league and challenge cup.

As an assistant coach in Belfast since 2019/20, he gained the trust of the team through his determination and focus put on the team.  After gaining the Systems and trust coach mason knew he had a winner. Mason took the lessons he learned as a player and added that knowledge to his teaching for the team that was headed for success. 

As a former defenseman, Mason had an offensive game but would not lead the league in scoring. He had the hockey instincts to know when to rush the puck up ice and when to just dish the puck off. He was a smart player, playing within the rules and making the most out of his time on the ice. Mason played eight seasons in Belfast from 2010-11 until 2017-18 when he ultimately retired. 

Before he landed in pro hockey mason played in the NCAA for Providence College from 2001/02 until the 2004/05 season. It was during those years that he adopted the style of play he wanted to play, and took that style to make himself successful. 

Mason is a coach who demands the w most of his players and will take action when players don’t perform to their fu potential. As an assistant coach, he had said as to what happened but the final call was up to coach Keefe.

However, with the move to Dundee, he will be in full control of the team in every way possible. Does this mean he will shake up the team, or use his assistant coach knowledge to get this team into the Belfast Giant style, where the team is successful and poised for champions ups year after year? 

Mason will have the full attention of his team heading into next season. The systems will be put in place and so will the structure, along with roster changes if he feels there is a need for changes. 

The Dundee Stars may be the ones to look out for as they have a new lease on life, a new direction, and a new voice to lead them to the promised land. Mason has full control now and that could be something to watch as the stars prepare for the 2022-23 season. 

As for coach Keefe and the Belfast Giants they are now on the search for a new assistant coach. Who will it be? Where will he be looking? Will it be an assistant coach from the EIHL, or somewhere in the states? Coach keefe may want one sooner than later, and the possibilities are endless. 

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