Dragons Ticket Prices For 2017-2018 Season Announced

Dragons fans are in for a real treat in the coming new season with not one but two teams icing in Deeside which will give a total of 36 combined home games to watch and enjoy.

They are also plenty of different options for saving money on games when buying your season ticket.

The Dragons match day admission price will be Adults £8 Juniors £4 which would work out at £144 and £72 respectively for 18 home games over the season

A family  ticket (2 Adults and 2 Children) is £20 which would be £360 over the season

A season ticket would cost £125 Adult and £65 Junior and you would save a combined total cost £26 on both tickets.

A family season ticket (2 Adults and 2 Children) would cost  £320 saving £40 over the season.

Dragons 2 admission prices are £5 Adult and £2.50 Juniors a family ticket ( 2 Adults 2 Children) £12

Season tickets are  £75 Adult  Junior £40 saving a combined total of £20 on both tickets

However there even more money to be saved if you buy a combined season ticket for both teams

Adults £185 for 36 games saving £49

Juniors £90 for 36 games saving £27

Family £450 for 36 games saving £126

So if you would like to save some money and order your season ticket please call in at Al’s Skate shop in the rink or email Vicky Martin  at  marketing@dragonsihc.co.uk





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