Dragons 2 Announce Their Roster

The Dragons Management are delighted to announce the roster for the brand new Dragons 2 team that will compete in the Laidler Conference. Dragons 2 will compete alongside local rivals Widnes and Altrincham as well as teams a little further afield such as Hull Jets and Coventry Blaze. Scott McKenzie is happy with the commitment shown from the signed players; “When we sat down to discuss the Dragons 2 there seemed like so much work to do but we have finally completed the main part of our roster. The most important thing is that we have given our young players a chance to play senior hockey in Deeside.” “All the guys are paying to play, which shows their commitment to the cause. As a new team joining a league, it will be a tough but crucial learning experience for everyone involved. I see this as a great chance for guys that may not have had an opportunity to play at the NIHL2 standard this year, it’s down to the players and coaching staff to ensure that they grab their opportunity with both hands.”

Tegan Lavery #1
Charlie Spridgeon #4
Steve Fellows #6
Gez Evans #9
Richie Ryland #15
Gareth Davies #16
Yaakov Sobolev #17
Josh Humphreys #20
Ross Sinnott #23
Owen Tennant #27
Charlie Perry #31
Billy Perks #35
Callum Wilson #36
Danny Meadows #46
Nathan Sandall #66
David Priestley #70
Joe Thomas #71
Sam Plant #87
Chris Keating #88
Scott Egerton #97

Jack Dillon #98
Michael Fico
Karl Bacon

The team get their season underway on September 2nd with a home fixture against Sheffield F.O is 17:45

Players shirts are available to Own and Loan ,if you are interested please email info@dragonsicehockey.co.uk for details




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