Double celebration on Canada Day for Tigers star

Tigers star Jason Silverthorn will celebrate Canada Day with his young family today – one of the first occasions he has marked the event in the UK.

The Ontario-born forward, who led Telford to a double of major trophies last season, shares the historic date with his birthday.

Jason usually flies home to Canada for the event, where the entire country often stops work to stage lavish celebrations.

This year, he will enjoy a quiet meal with his wife and daughter in Shropshire, after introducing them to the full-scale occasion twelve months ago.

He said: “It is a very big event at home. People hold massive parties and whole cities shut down for the day. It is a huge thing for Canadians, like Independence Day is for Americans.

“We took my daughter to the celebrations in Canada last year and she loved it. It was good to let her experience it, but of course, she was a bit young to recognise it all.

“Lindsey, my wife, dressed her in a Team Canada onesie this morning, so that was really nice. And having my birthday on the same day is quite special.”

The former Hull Stingrays star, who scored 38 goals last season, will still hear about many of the celebrations via the internet.

He added: “It will be a little bit lower key today, so we’ll go for a nice meal. There aren’t very many Canadians in this area to celebrate with.

“I woke up this morning and there were lots of messages from my buddies, so it’s great that they’re all having a good time.

“At home, they sell flags, banners and all sorts, so lots of people join in. It is a massive event for everyone.”

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