Directors Q&A

When can we start to see player signings?

JS – Rest assured we are talking to and have commitments from players to play for Oxford City Stars, we expect to start making further announcements next week. We’re talking to our squad from last year, new players to Oxford and We are also looking at a number of Junior club players. The interest we’ve had since the club secured its place in NIHL2 has been really exciting.
We’re finalising paperwork and chatting through a long list of players, some new some old. Getting all these conversations done will take time, we have to be blunt that last Weds we didn’t have a club! Now that fight is done, its full on with recruitment.

Darren Elliott signed before the club had to switch divisions- is he still with us?

Yes, Darren is here and will be club Captain. Darren is and has been working with Darryl since his appointment on a whole bunch of things, including player recommendations.

Darryl, is Head of Hockey Operations, not coach – what does that mean?

Darryl is going to be looking at player recruitment, negotiations and continuing to build and develop strong links across the Stars and the Junior system. From systems and playing styles, he’ll focus on all that. The coach will be looking at the match day management and bench control, working with the playing squad and Darryl to create a winning team here in the city. We are currently recruiting for the coach as well as new specialised coaching roles.

Is there a cup this year?

We are talking to the EIHA about this now, NIHL2 clubs voted against a cup however.

Will match day tickets still be £10?

No, the club are looking at reducing the cost of match day tickets as a gesture to our fans for supporting us through this tough time. More information will come on that but we need to look at the full picture including cup matches and play-offs so we can adjust and ensure our important season ticket holders still get great value.

I heard that the Junior Club and the Stars are merging?

No, this is not the case. The two organisations are working very closely now. The main focus is that Oxford can’t be in a position of having to bring in the majority of the squad from outside the city, we have to deepen the player talent pool here. By working with the Junior club closer we can do that. The clubs aren’t merging, the juniors retain all their controls, committees and finances and the Stars retain all our workings too. Although its been a tough old journey, I feel this closer connection between both clubs is only going to be positive

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