Davies deal to deliver double challenge

Tom Watkins insists Dan Davies’ “jaw-dropping” skill will be a key part of The Tigers’ push for a second English Premier League title next season.

The 25-year-old, who has signed a new one-year contract at Telford, collected 51 points during the club’s double-winning campaign.

That contribution included a crucial goal in the British Challenge Cup semi-final against Guildford Flames, as he finished the year without missing a game.

Watkins believes Davies’ ability to combine skill with brainpower could prove to be a huge asset next season.

He said: “If you watch Dan at practice, you’ll see some jaw-dropping skills from him. He’s got some of the best hands on the team, and is very skilled and smart.

“He can score highlight reel goals and create something out of nothing. Pitching him with the right player is key.

“You need someone who can play fast and play at his speed of thought. That is necessary to get the best out of him.

“I remember him coming through the middle in a game towards the end of the season. I don’t know how he did it and we watched it back about 15 times on the video. He made some sort of spin move, put the puck through his legs, then the d-man’s legs and stepped out the other side.

“Things like that bring the fans off their feet and we’ll be expecting a bit more flair from Dan next season and more offense.”

A summer of fitness training will see The Tigers players return fitter than ever next season, as they look to combat an improved line-up of opponents in the EPL.

And Watkins is sure Davies has the potential to make further improvements over the next four months.

“Physical training is the one part of the game that everybody can always improve on,” he said.

“The guys are all working hard over the summer to make sure they’re ready and physically prepared for the new season.

“Dan isn’t the biggest of guys, but he is strong and it’s something that players have to work on every day.

“One of the reasons why we sign players like Silverthorn and Szabo is because they’ve got experience in that area, which passes on through the team.

“That helps everyone in the squad to foster the right mentality.”

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