CONFERENCE25: South East teams for 25th anniversary tournament

As we build up to #Conference25 at Sheffield, the teams who will take to the ice at Bauer Arena Ice Sheffield will be unveiled throughout this week.  Today we have the #BigRedMachine of the South East Conference!


1 Heath Prentice (Invicta), 2 Lewis Byrne (Peterborough), 3 Evie Lawrence (Romford), 4 Finn Markey (Peterborough), 5 James Wilson (Streatham), 6 Thomas Maguire (Streatham), 7 Ricards Misins (Haringey), 8 Aaron Edworthy, 9 Aiden-Jay Herring (Peterborough), 10 Callum Kelly (Romford), 11 Bray Harris (Romford), 12 Monty Kaminskas (Romford), 14 Harry Vant (Chelmsford), 16 Leon Raj (Romford), 17 Vaughn Quilter (Romford), 18 Alan Khafizov (Invicta), 20 Jack Carmody (Peterborough), 21 Finlay Spearing (Bracknell), 23 Stanley Upfold (Streatham), 24 Evan Chard (Invicta), 25 Cameron Pow (Haringey), 30 Alfie Duguid (Peterborough), 35 Max van Mullem (Haringey).

HC Alan Blyth.  AC Rob Dell, David Capps.  TM Peter Billing, Charis Blyth


1 Daniel Nefedov (Haringey), 3 Katy Dadd (Chelmsford), 4 Archie Salisbury (Peterborough), 5 Joe Tomalin (Chelmsford), 6 Phillip Maguire (Streatham), 7 Marcus Bradley (Slough), 8 Brynley Capps (Romford), 9 Nathaniel Gaskin (Bracknell), 10 Andrew Heath (Streatham), 11 Kyle Bradburn (Slough), 12 Jake Hill (Romford), 14 Louie Kynaston (Peterborough), 15 Oliver Wagg (Invicta), 16 Emil Oksanen (Streatham), 17 Nikita Bzozovskis (Haringey), 18 Matty Corkum (Streatham), 19 Harvey Harman (Bracknell), 22 Taheem Javaid (Streatham), 24 Sebastian Mohr (Slough), 31 Sasha Bravo (Peterborough), 33 Faebian Witter (Streatham).

HC Michael Simmonds.  AC Philip O’Neill.  TM Malcolm Burnett.  AM Tanya Ayliffe


1 Luca Tessadri (Chelmsford), 2 Hariyan Ross (Slough), 3 Dylan Holicka (Streatham), 5 Oliver Knaggs (Bracknell), 6 Ben Burton-Harris (Bracknell), 7 Daniel Bradley (Slough), 8 Edward Gibson (Streatham), 9 Harry Corkum (Streatham), 11 Samuel Lyne (Streatham), 12 William Dobbe (Slough), 14 Stan Ratcliffe (Bracknell), 15 Sam Robinson (Bracknell), 16 Ethan Lane (Bracknell), 17 James White (Peterborough), 19 Leo Markey (Streatham), 21 Max Lewis (Romford), 22 Tjay Anderson (Romford), 23 Amy Robery (Streatham), 24 Billy Thorpe (Peterborough), 30 Tyler de la Bertouche (Romford), 31 Harvey Bryden.

HC Mark Saunders.  HC Sean Alderson.  TM Sue Green.  AM Louise Capps


3 Daniel Hitchings (Romford), 4 Christian Mohr (Slough), 5 Ross Clarke (Peterborough), 6 Marco Pascale (Romford), 7 Ewan Hill (Romford), 8 Tommy Huggett (Romford), 9 Jarvis Hunt (Peterborough), 10 Bradley Bowering (Peterborough), 11 Ellie Wakeling (Romford), 14 Luca Pascale (Romford), 15 Craig Ellis (Peterborough), 18 Liam Clark (Slough), 19 Jacob Soper (Slough), 20 Ella Howard (Romford), 21 Juha Lindgren (Slough), 22 Owen Dell (Invicta), 24 Bailey Hind-Pitcher (Slough), 32 Bradley Windebank (Romford).

HC Sean Easton.  AC Alex Green.  TM Jo Sylvester

The 25th EIHA Junior Inter Conference Tournament begins on Friday May 3rd with the U19 international between England and Scotland for the Frank Dempster Memorial Trophy (8pm face off, free admission).  The tournament games themsleves begin at 7am on Saturday May 4th with the Grand Finals on the afternoon of Monday May 6th.

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