CONFERENCE25: Northern Conference squads for Sheffield showpiece

Today we continue our reveal of the lists of players who will be part of the silver jubilee Conference tournament in Sheffield.  Here are the players of the #PurpleReign – Northern Conference


1 Emily Johnson (Hull), 2 Meeyah Forbes (Hull), 3 Evan Bradon (Billingham), 4 Bailey Thomas (Manchester), 6 George Cowey (Whitley Bay), 7 Liam Hine (Manchester), 8 Daragh Spawforth (Bradford), 10 Rafferty Smith (Manchester), 11 Lucas Betts (Bradford), 13 Jonas Bennett (Manchester), 14 Oliver Jardine (Whitley Bay), 15 Henry Phillips (Manchester), 16 Benjamin Wood (Whitley Bay), 17 Ethan Dunn (Whitley Bay), 18 Jack Williams (Whitley Bay), 19 Jake Wigginton (Bradford), 20 Orson Groot (Whitley Bay), 21 Felix Sorensen (Hull), 22 Beau Reader (Hull).

HC Kirsten Deighton. AC Guy Dowdle. TM Michelle Leigh. AM Neil Spawforth


1 Jason Roscoe (Manchester), 3 Jake Bedford (Bradford), 5 Jordan O’Brien (Bradford), 6 Harvey Starkie (Whitley Bay), 7 Connor Lee (Manchester), 8 Kohen Taylor (Hull), 9 Jake Kellett (Manchester), 10 Josh Crawley (Manchester), 11 Ethan Daintith (Hull), 12 Lucas Campion (Bradford), 13 Noah Kaariainen (Manchester), 14 Jessica Wooding (Bradford), 15 Rhys Edwards (Bradford), 17 Jayson Burgess (Manchester), 18 Harrison O’Connor (Bradford), 19 Owen Bruton (Hull), 20 Jace Gledhill (Manchester), 21 Joshua Milnes (Manchester), 22 Thomas Mardell (Bradford).

HC Alan Hague.  AC Paul Willis.  AC/TM Paul Newlove


1 Ben Parkin (Kingston), 4 Matthew Cross (Bradford), 6 Tom Wakefield (Billingham), 7 Samuel Dowd (Billingham), 8 Lucas Dowdle (Billingham), 9 Owen Yarrow (Whitley Bay), 10 Declan Jones (Kingston), 11 Sam Parkin (Kingston), 12 Tommy Spraggon (Billingham), 14 Logan Jean Jacques (Bradford),15 Connor Lewis (Billingham), 16 Isaac Cornell (Kingston), 17 Finley Bradon (Billingham), 18 Benjamin Greenhalgh (Billingham), 19 Matty Betham (Whitley Bay), 20 Jacob Hammond (Billingham), 21 Damarni James (Bradford), 22 Alex Kent (Kingston), 24 Owen Curry (Whitley Bay)

HC Adam Reynolds.  AC Mike Forbes.  TM Michelle Furmage-Archer.  AM David Cross


2 Kieron Furlong (Blackburn), 3 Alexander Lutwyche (Bradford), 4 Joel Marsh (Kingston), 6 Joshua Reynolds (Billingham), 7 Joe Walls (Billingham), 8 Thomas Fraser (Whitley Bay), 9 Logan Roberts (Bradford), 10 Callum Wilkinson (Billingham), 11 Jordan Griffin (Bradford), 12 Oliver Peers (Kingston), 13 Reaghan Taylor (Kingston), 14 Dylan Hehir (Billingham), 15 Jay Lucas (Billingham), 16 Alexander Mitchell (Bradford), 17 Adam Harrison (Whitley Bay), 18 Stuart Jackson (Billingham), 19 Callum Taylor (Whitley Bay), 20 Harrison Walker (Bradford), 21 Oliver Goodman (Kingston)

HC Andy Daintith.  AC Nicci Wardell.  AC/TM Rob Wilkinson.  TM Joanne Gibson

The 25th EIHA Junior Inter Conference Tournament begins on Friday May 3rd with the U19 international between England and Scotland for the Frank Dempster Memorial Trophy (8pm face off, free admission).  The tournament games themsleves begin at 7am on Saturday May 4th with the Grand Finals on the afternoon of Monday May 6th.

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