CONFERENCE: introducing… South West U13s

Our second squad announcement in the build-up to Conference Weekend 2017 comes from the boys and girls in blue… it’s the South West.

They have confirmed their u13 line up for May’s festival of junior hockey in Sheffield.South West badge

Will Dobbe (Guildford)
Sam Davies (Cardiff)
Oli Endicott (Swindon)
Josh Kelly (Milton Keynes)
Aiden McGurk (Swindon)
Archie Millar (Guildford)
Evan North (Guildford)
Cain Russell (Basingstoke)
Josh Shaw (Swindon)
Sam Cooper (Guildford)
Stan Johnston (Guildford)
Jacob Minter (Swindon)
Bailey Perre (Swindon)
Monty Tucker (Swindon)
Jacob White-Sey (Guildford)
Morgan Parsons (Cardiff) (NM)
Mali Easton (Swindon) (NM)

Up next, we’re staying in the South West with their Under 11’s.  That’s coming on Thursday here on

Conference Weekend starts on Friday 26 May with the England-Scotland u19 International.  The Conference games start at 7am on Saturday 27 May with 44 games running until the evening of Monday 29 May.

You can keep up with the latest news here on EIHA website as well as the dedicated Twitter account for the weekend – @EIHAConference is the address, and #conference17 is the hashtag for the whole weekend.


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