Complete All Stars Roster Revealed!

With just days until the much anticipated Grant McPherson Testimonial Game, we can now announce the final players who complete the All Stars line up:

Jo “2 points per game” Wiklander

What an absolute living legend. Although not the greatest of skaters (he will admit this himself), this guy could score some serious points. He had an average of 2 points per game in his time in Milton Keynes which he will happily tell you is the best the league has ever seen. In all seriousness, Jo brought so much to the team. He was class act on and off the ice. The kind of guy that raised spirits in the changing room at all times. A story that will always stick with me is when Jo scored a big goal in Telford, he skated hard to centre ice, started sliding on his bum and moving his stick as if he was in a canoe, his stick them snapped in half and he just fell over on his side coming to a halt. Without a doubt the best celebration, I’ve ever witnessed. Telford weren’t best pleased mind. I’m absolutely delighted that Jo is flying over for the testimonial.

Ross Bowers

Bow Wow was the guy that really helped me settle in Milton Keynes. He was the one that took me under his wings when I first arrived. I didn’t have a car to get around when I first moved down and although I didn’t exactly live next door to him, he would always make sure I got home after late night practice etc. On the ice, for someone who only started playing at the age of 14, he had so much to offer. He was one of the fastest skaters I’ve played with and he had one of the hardest snap shots I’ve ever seen (Much to the delight of our goalies as they often go head height). He was also another guy who made the changing room fun to be in. Always joking around. It’s great that Bow Wow will be playing on Saturday!

Paul Gore

Goresy – What a guy. I remember saying back in 2012/2013 that I would love to get the chance to play on the same team as Paul Gore and then the year we went to Coventry, that dream came true! He came and played a couple of times and then thankfully decided to stay on for the rest of the season. That was a tough year for everyone but having Goresy in the team certainly helped. An absolute warrior on the ice and someone that would do anything for the team. He brought so much to changing room too, as he is one of the funniest guys I’ve ever met. Looking forward to sharing the ice with #3 again.

Stephen Wall

I played against Wally for quite a few seasons and he was always a goalie who played unbelievable against us, so was absolutely delighted when I heard we had signed him back in 2012. He brought so much experience, which was great to have alongside a young Jordan Hedley. He had a great 3 seasons with MKL and will always be remembered for his performance against Guildford in last year’s Playoff Quarter Final against where he was simply incredible. It’s sad to hear that he is now hanging up the pads but he will be able to look back on a great career, where he won so many trophies. It will e awesome to have Wally at the testimonial. Let’s give him a great send off!

Tickets for the G9 testimonial are on sale now priced at just £10 for adults and £5 for under 16’s and concessions: buy now at

Turnstiles will open at 6.15pm on Saturday and we get underway at 7pm!

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