Colour column: The Tigers at T-Party

We had a great time at the T-Party on Saturday, meeting everyone that came to the event and visited our displays. But for it to be a success, there was a lot of preparation and organisation that went in to make them both enjoyable for the public.

But first, let’s compare this year’s T-Party to the one held twelve months ago! Every year the event seems to grow and get a bit better, which is great for you. More businesses were there this year to promote themselves and Telford – great for the public, as it gave them more things to look at and do.

What made this possible? A reason could be that the full opening of Southwater had created more space, which was utilised by the event. But a great deal of other work went into making it a success. Much of this was down to the marketing efforts of The Tigers, Telford & Wrekin Council and other local businesses, to help raise the profile of T-Party and make it such a success.

In setting up our displays, we had to make a decision on how we could engage you, the public at both of our stalls. We wanted to show you something a bit different.

At our exhibition in the library, we focused on some of the history of Telford Tigers. This was something a little unusual in comparison to the normal stalls that we put up at events, where as a business we try to focus most our attention on looking forward. We also had the British Challenge Cup on show for you to enjoy. All this went down very well with everyone that came along and visited.

We also had our other stall set up on the QEII arena, which is where we had the rest of our trophies. But don’t worry – the British Challenge Cup was reunited with the others, once we had finished at the library. The aim of this stall was to promote The Tigers, the upcoming campaign and looking to the future.

The day was a huge success for us and the event – and let’s not forget that that the weather was pretty good as well!

By Adam Taylor

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